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Supported Devices

This is the summary page listing of all hardware monitoring devices supported by the Linux 3.x/4.x kernel.

To find out what driver you need and what chips you have use the sensors-detect utility in the lm-sensors package. If your version of sensors-detect failed to detect a chip, you should try the latest version of sensors-detect. sensors-detect is a stand-alone script, so you can simply download it and run it on any system, without installing anything (other than perl).

If you would like us to support a chip not listed below, or listed as 'not planned', please contact the hardware monitoring subsystem maintainers. Please indicate if you can help in development, testing, or donations. We don't have much spare time, so the more help you can provide, the better your chances to get a chip supported fast.

Note: The device list is not entirely up to date, and some links may be stale.

Sensor classes not or not well supported by the hwmon subsystem

Detected by sensors-detect Driver Bus Status/Comments
BMC/IPMI management controllers yes ipmisensors IPMI (2004-12-12) Port to Linux 2.6 originally by Yani Ioannou, essentially abandoned now. Better use ipmitool instead. It doesn't integrate with lm-sensors but that's the best we can propose at the moment.
S.M.A.R.T. hard drive temperature no drivetemp Since kernel 5.6 there is a driver reporting SATA/SAS temperature through hwmon
NVMe drive temperature no nvme Starting with kernel 5.5, NVMe drives report temperature through hwmon
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