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List of Supported Devices - N-P

Manufacturer Chip Detected by sensors-detect Driver Bus Supported since Status/Comments
National Semiconductor (now Nuvoton) PC8374L, WPCD374L yes lm85 LPC or I2C (2009-02-20) Usually disabled. Accessible both on the LPC bus and the SMBus, SMBus interface is compatible with the LM96000. There exists “legacy reduced” variants of this chip (WPCD376I, WPCD377I) with the same device ID which do not have the hardware monitoring features. The lm85 driver will properly reject these devices starting with kernel 2.6.32
National Semiconductor PC87360, PC87363, PC87364, PC87365, PC87366 yes pc87360 LPC 2.6.10 Super I/O with hardware monitoring. Driver contributed and ported to Linux 2.6 by Jean Delvare.
National Semiconductor PC87427 yes pc87427 LPC 2.6.20 or standalone driver (2010-08-11) Driver contributed by Jean Delvare. Kernel versions 2.6.35 and older have a preliminary version of the driver only supporting fan speed monitoring. Since kernel 2.6.36, manual fan speed control and temperature monitoring are also supported.
Nuvoton (formerly Winbond) W83793G/AG yes w83793 I2C 2.6.20 (2006-12-08) Linux 2.6 driver contributed by Yuan Mu and Rudolf Marek. User-space support available since lm_sensors 2.10.1. Watchdog support added in kernel 2.6.34.
Nuvoton (formerly Winbond) W83795G/ADG yes w83795 I2C 2.6.37 or standalone driver (2010-09-30) Driver contributed by Wei Song (Nuvoton), heavily reworked by Jean Delvare. Two requests (Nemykal, Henrique Holschuh).
Nuvoton NCT6102D/NCT6106D yes nct6775 LPC 3.12 standalone driver
Nuvoton NCT6681D/NCT6682D yes - LPC (2013-07-04) eSIO (Super-IO with embedded controller). Support could be added to nct6683 driver. One request. Jeffrey Chenkus
Nuvoton NCT6683D yes nct6883 LPC 3.16 standalone driver (2013-07-04) eSIO (Super-IO with embedded controller).
Nuvoton NCT6775F, NCT6776F yes w83627ehf or nct6775 LPC 2.6.39 or standalone driver (2011/06/17) Support contributed by Guenter Roeck.
Nuvoton NCT6779D yes nct6775 LPC 3.10 or standalone driver
Nuvoton NCT6791D yes nct6775 LPC 3.12 or standalone driver (2013-06-24) Support added by David Bartley.
Nuvoton NCT6792D yes LPC (2014-06-29) To be added to nct6775 driver. Contact Guenter Roeck if you need a test version.
Nuvoton NCT7802Y yes I2C standalone driver (2013-08-19) Hardware Monitoring IC. Two requests Jeffrey Chenkus Pedro
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1021, ADM1021A, ADM1023 yes adm1021 I2C 2.5.54
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1024 yes lm87 I2C 2.6.25 For older 2.6 kernels, just use the force_lm87 parameter.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1025, ADM1025A yes adm1025 I2C 2.6.8 (2004-06-27) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Jean Delvare thanks to an evaluation board provided by Sean Gilmour from Analog Devices.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1026 yes adm1026 I2C 2.6.10 Ported to Linux 2.6 by Justin Thiessen.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1027, ADT7460, ADT7463 yes lm85 I2C 2.5.71
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1029 yes adm1029 I2C 2.6.21 (2007-02-05) Preliminary driver contributed by Corentin Labbe.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1030, ADM1031 yes adm1031 I2C 2.6.8 (2004-06-24) Driver contributed by Alexandre d'Alton.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM1032 yes lm90 I2C 2.6.2
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADM9240 yes adm9240 I2C 2.6.13 (2005-05-12) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Michiel Rook and Grant Coady.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADP4000, NCP4200, NCP4208 no pmbus I2C 3.1 or standalone driver VR11.1 Power Controllers. Support added to PMBus driver by Guenter Roeck
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7461 yes lm90 I2C 2.6.12 (2008-10-23) Extra features available in kernel 2.6.28.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7461A yes lm90 I2C 2.6.39 (2011-04-30) Similar to ADT7461, but different device ID. Support added to the lm90 driver by Guenter Roeck.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7462 yes adt7462 I2C 2.6.28 (2008-11-15) Driver contributed by Darrick J. Wong.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7466 yes I2C No request.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7467, ADT7468 yes lm85 I2C 2.6.29 or standalone driver Support contributed by Darrick J. Wong. Support was added in kernel 2.6.28 but device detection was broken.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7473 yes adt7475 I2C 2.6.25 Use adt7473 driver for kernel < 2.6.33.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7475 yes adt7475 I2C 2.6.29 (2009-01-16) Found on several Asus M2N series motherboards. Many requests (Diggory Hardy, Juergen Kilb, Len J. White and more). Driver contributed by Jordan Crouse, reviewed and submitted by Hans de Goede.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7476, ADT7490 yes adt7475 I2C stand-alone driver or 2.6.33 Support added to the adt7475 driver by Jean Delvare. Please report if you give it a try.
ON Semiconductor (formerly Analog Devices) ADT7481 yes I2C (2013-08-31) Work in progress by Malcolm Crossley (2009, abandoned?). Another request by Ivan Mercier. May fit in the lm90 driver.
ON Semiconductor NCT1008 yes lm90 I2C 2.6.39 (2011-04-30) Same as ADT7461A, with same device ID. Support added to the lm90 driver by Guenter Roeck.
ON Semiconductor CAT6095, CAT34TS02 yes jc42 I2C 2.6.36 JC42.4 compliant temperature sensors.
Philips (now NXP) LM75A no lm75 I2C 2.5.54 Not detected, use the force module parameter.
Philips (now NXP) NE1617, NE1617A yes adm1021 I2C 2.5.54
Philips (now NXP) NE1619 yes adm1025 I2C 2.6.8
Philips (now NXP) PCF8591 no pcf8591 I2C 2.6.6 A/D converter.
Philips (now NXP) SA56004 yes lm90 I2C 3.1 LM86 compatible temperature sensor. Support added to lm90 driver by Stijn Devriendt.
Philips (now NXP) SE97, SE97B, SE98 yes jc42 I2C 2.6.36 JEDEC JC-42.4 compliant temperature sensors for DDR3 DIMM modules. Driver contributed by Guenter Roeck.
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