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List of Supported Devices - V-Z

Manufacturer Chip Detected by sensors-detect Driver Bus Supported since Status/Comments
VIA C7/Eden (Esther), Nano yes via-cputemp MSR 2.6.33 or standalone driver (2009-12-10) CPU with integrated temperature sensor. Driver contributed by Harald Welte (VIA), reviewed by Jean Delvare. Support for model D added in kernel 3.1.
VIA VT82C686A, VT82C686B yes via686a PCI 2.5.67 Integrated sensors.
VIA VT1211 yes vt1211 LPC 2.6.19 Super-I/O with integrated sensors. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Juerg Haefliger.
VIA VT8231 yes vt8231 PCI 2.6.16 Integrated sensors. Ported to Linux 2.6 by Aaron M. Marsh, Roger Lucas and Jean Delvare.
Winbond W83627HF, W83637HF, W83627THF, W83697HF yes w83627hf LPC 2.6.5
Winbond W83781D, W83782D yes w83781d ISA or I2C 2.5.67 W83782D on ISA support is broken in kernel 2.6.28, fixed in
Winbond W83783S yes w83781d I2C 2.5.67
Winbond W83791D yes w83791d I2C 2.6.18 Driver contributed by Charles Spirakis. Fan speed control (PWM) support is missing.
Winbond W83L785TS-S yes w83l785ts I2C 2.6.2
Winbond W83792D/G yes w83792d I2C 2.6.14 (2005-06-23) Contributed by Winbond. Version for older 2.6 kernels is available here
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83527HG yes w83627ehf LPC 2.6.31 (2011-11-01) Stripped down version of the W83627DHG-P, fewer features but hopefully compatible (same chip ID). Reports welcome.
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83627DHG yes w83627ehf LPC 2.6.21 Support added by David Hubbard.
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83627DHG-P yes w83627ehf LPC 2.6.31 Essentially compatible with the W83627DHG.
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83627EHF, W83627EHG yes w83627ehf LPC 2.6.13 Fan control support available since kernel 2.6.19. User-space support available in lm_sensors 2.9.1.
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83627UHG yes w83627ehf LPC 3.2 or standalone driver (2011-11-05) Support contributed by Jean Delvare, tested by Ulf Bruman.
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83667HG yes w83627ehf LPC 2.6.30 (2009-02-26) Super I/O. Support contributed by Gong Jun (Nuvoton), reviewed by Jean Delvare.
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83667HG-B yes w83627ehf LPC 2.6.36 or standalone driver Support added by Guenter Roeck (Ericsson).
Winbond (now Nuvoton) W83677HG-I (now NCT6771F / NCT6772F / NCT6775F) yes w83627ehf LPC 2.6.39 or standalone driver (2011-06-17) lleo19 donated a system. Support contributed by Guenter Roeck.
Winbond W83687THF yes w83627hf LPC 2.6.17 Super I/O, mostly similar to the W83627THF. Support contributed by Jean Delvare.
Winbond W83697UF/UG yes LPC Super I/O with 3 PWM outputs. No plan.
Winbond (now Nuvoton W83L771W/G, W83L771AWG/ASG yes lm90 I2C 2.6.34 or standalone driver Found on several Zotac Ion ITX boards and also on the ASRock ALiveNF6G-DVI. Support contributed by Jean Delvare. W83L771W/G detection fixed in kernel 2.6.37. For older kernels, you can force chip type to lm86.
Winbond W83L784R/G yes I2C
Winbond W83L785R yes w83l785r I2C Driver is available here. If you want to use it with nVidia cards you can try nvclock instead.
Winbond W83L786NR/NG, W83L786R/G yes w83l786ng I2C 2.6.25 or standalone driver (2013-12-03) Driver contributed by Kevin Lo. User-space support only available in lm-sensors 3.0.0 and later. Fan speed control broken before kernel 3.13, use the standalone driver if you need this feature.
Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87372, PC87373 yes LPC (2005-05-18) Super I/O with fan monitoring and PWM. A driver has been requested, will be developed upon donation of a board.
Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87431 no ipmisensors IPMI (2005-10-29) Requires an SMBus adapter supported by the i2c-i801 driver and the following kernel patches: 1) Open IPMI 2.6 Kernel Patches for the ipmi-smb driver and asynchronous I2C transfers from Corey Minyard on a 2.6.12 kernel: linux-ipmi-2.6.12-base.diff, linux-ipmi-2.6.12-smb.diff, linux-i2c-2.6.12-nonblock.diff, linux-i2c-2.6.12-i801-nonblock.diff, and 2) The bmcsensors/i2c-ipmi port to Linux 2.6 by Yani Ioannou: bmcsensors-26-20050808.tar.bz2
Winbond (formerly National Semiconductor) PC87591 yes LPC (2006-11-11) LPC Mobile Embedded Controllers with ADC (voltages and temperatures) and PWM, the sensor data not accessible in standard way, cannot create the driver.
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