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List of Supported Devices - G-I

Manufacturer Chip Detected by sensors-detect Driver Bus Supported since Status/Comments
Genesys Logic GL518SM yes gl518sm I2C 2.6.3 Ported to Linux 2.6 by Hong-Gunn Chew.
Genesys Logic GL520SM yes gl520sm I2C 2.6.12 (2005-05-12) Ported to Linux 2.6 by Daniel Heath.
Genesys Logic GL523SM yes adm1021 I2C 2.5.54
Genesys Logic GL525SM yes I2C No plan.
GMT G760A no g760a I2C 2.6.30 Single fan speed monitor and controller. Driver contributed by Herbert Valerio Riedel and Martin Michlmayr.
GMT G781 yes lm90 I2C 3.4 ADM1032-compatible temperature sensor. Support added to the lm90 driver by Guenter Roeck.
IBM PowerExecutive no ibmpex IPMI 2.6.24 Written by Darrick Wong
IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager no ibmaem IPMI 2.6.26 Written by Darrick Wong
Intel Pentium II/III-based Xeon no adm1021 I2C 2.5.54 Integrated sensors. Force parameter needed. Read the docs.
Intel Pentium M, Core, Core 2 yes coretemp MSR 2.6.22 Integrated digital sensor in CPU. Driver contributed by Rudolf Marek. Support for single-core Core 2 / Celeron M-400 series added in kernel 2.6.24. Support for Penryn-based Core 2 Duo/Quad was added in kernel 2.6.25.
Intel Core i3, Core i5, Xeon 5500 series yes coretemp MSR 2.6.27 Integrated digital sensor in CPU. Support for Lynnfield-based Core i5 was added in kernel 2.6.32. Support for Clarkdale and later cores was added in kernel 2.6.35.
Intel Atom yes coretemp MSR 2.6.32 Integrated digital sensor in CPU.
Intel Core i7 and later yes coretemp MSR 2.6.35 Integrated digital sensor in CPU.
Intel FB-DIMM AMB yes i5k_amb PCI 2.6.24 Temperature sensor in 6400/6402 Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB). Driver written by Darrick Wong.
Intel ICH8 no PCI (2013-03-20) The ICH8 (82801H) and several later Intel south bridges have embedded sensors, named MEI or QST. These are not yet supported, due to a lack of technical documentation and support from Intel. The OpenAMT project is supposed to help, but in practice not much is happening. Or maybe there is some hope? Or here, or here.
Intel 82965GM/GME, GM45, Q35, G33, Q33, Q45, G45, G41, B43 no PCI These north bridges with integrated graphics include a thermal sensor. Driver under development by Lu Zhihe.
Intel PM55 no PCI (2010-05-18) Driver contributed by Matthew Garrett, reviewed by Jean Delvare, update wanted.
Intel 5500 and 5520 chipsets no i5500_temp PCI standalone driver (2012-10-31) Driver contributed by Jean Delvare, doesn't seem to give useful numbers. Please contact us if you can figure out why the driver doesn't work or if it works for you.
Intersil ZL2004, ZL2005, ZL2006, ZL2008, ZL2105, ZL2106, ZL6100, ZL6105 no I2C 3.2 or standalone driver (2011-08-29) DC/DC Controllers with PMBus support. (2011-11-28) ZL2005 support pending for 3.3; available in standalone driver.
ITE IT8502 no LPC (2011-05-24) Super I/O with fan controller. Two requests (Anton Kochkov, Richard Jackson).
ITE IT8510E no LPC (2011-12-24) Super I/O with fan controller and embedded 8032. We have a datasheet. One request (Enoch Leung).
ITE IT8518E no LPC (2012-02-28) Super I/O with fan controller. No datasheet. Four requests (Lars, Eric Appleman, Santi Villalba, ianp).
ITE IT8603E yes it87 LPC 3.14 or standalone driver (2013-11-22) No public datasheet. Two requests (David Hubbard, Xavier Giannakopoulos.) Experimental support contributed by Rudolf Marek. Please test and report.
ITE IT8620E yes LPC (2014-03-16) One request (Kertesz Laszlo). No datasheet. We had a report that the chip is somewhat compatible with the IT8728F for the hardware monitoring part. Be very careful with fan control as it wasn't tested. So you can try loading the it87 driver with force_id=0x8728 and see how it goes. If you do, please report!
ITE IT8623E yes it87 LPC 3.15 or standalone driver (2014-03-25) One request (Martin Herrholz). Compatible with the IT8603E, support added to the it87 driver by Rudolf Marek. In kernel 3.14 you can simply load the driver with force_id=0x8603.
ITE IT8673F no LPC (2005-04-25) Super I/O with fan controller. No plan.
ITE IT8702F yes LPC (2007-11-03) We have a datasheet. On most boards it seems that the limited hardware monitoring features of this chip aren't used, so there's no point in adding support before we know of at least one system where they are used.
ITE IT8705F, IT8712F yes it87 LPC 2.5.69 (2008-10-23) Fan speed monitoring support for IT8712F rev. 8 (J) and later needs kernel version >= 2.6.27 and possibly a cold boot.
ITE IT8716F, IT8718F yes it87 LPC 2.6.19
ITE IT8720F yes it87 LPC 2.6.29 (2008-10-24) Compatible with the IT8718F. Support contributed Jean-Marc Spaggiari.
ITE IT8721F, IT8758E yes it87 LPC 2.6.37 or standalone driver (2010-10-12) We have a datasheet for the IT8721F. Different from previous IT87xxF chips (12 mV ADC instead of 16 mV, amongst other.) Two requests (Jae Sammy, Virgil Gheorghiu.) The IT8758E was reported to have the same device ID, so hopefully they are fully compatible. Support added by Jean Delvare, please test the standalone driver and report.
ITE IT8726F yes it87 LPC 2.6.23 Similar to the IT8716F.
ITE IT8728F yes it87 LPC 3.3 or standalone driver (2013-05-07) Found on Gigabyte H67, P67 and Z68 boards as well as various other boards from the same and other manufacturers. Six requests (Nick Hall, Ivan Bulatovic, jy0610, Kyle, Nikolay Mikov, Gustavo De Nardin). Support was added to the it87 driver, considering the IT8728F as essentially compatible with the IT8721F. Please report if you think the driver is misbehaving. With kernel 3.2 or older, if you can't build the standalone driver, load the driver with force_id=0x8721.
ITE IT8771E yes it87 LPC 3.9 or standalone driver (2013-01-16) Found on Asustek boards. No datasheet, supposedly a custom chip made by ITE for Asustek only. One request (Tomàs Deltell Bonell). Experimental support was added to the it87 driver, test reports welcome.
ITE IT8772E/F yes it87 LPC 3.9 or standalone driver (2013-01-16) Found on Foxconn and Shuttle H67 boards. No datasheet yet. Three requests (Boris Hajduk, Kazuya, In-Ho Yi). Experimental support was added to the it87 driver, test reports welcome.
ITE IT8781F yes LPC (2013-01-16) Super-I/O chip with 4 serial ports, and hardware monitoring features. No datasheet. No request.
ITE IT8782F, IT8783F yes it87 LPC 3.5 or standalone driver (2013-01-16) Super-I/O chips with 6 serial ports, and hardware monitoring features. No datasheet. Two requests (Jukka Hynninen, Kevin Folz).
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