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Authors and Contributors

The project would never have reached the current state without the support of many knowledgeable programmers. Thanks to everyone who helped us so far!

Active Contributors

Jean Delvare

Author of several hardware monitoring chip drivers. General support and development. Ported or helped porting many chip drivers to Linux 2.6. Maintainer of the hwmon subsystem in Linux 2.6 (from 2.6.14 to 2.6.22, and again since 2.6.36). Wrote most of the new code for lm-sensors 3.0. Responsible for the releases of the 3.0 branch. Opensuse packager.

Hans de Goede

Started the 3.0 branch with some of his students. Ported many third-party applications to the new libsensors interface. Fedora packager.

Aurelien Jarno

Debian packager, forwards bug fixes and improvements. Ported several i2c chip drivers to Linux 2.6.

Philip Edelbrock

Provided the old web area and support system for years, as well as much of the PIIX4 SMBus code and an assortment of device drivers and other code. Provides the mirror download area. Still responsible for releases of the 2.10 branch.

Axel Thimm

Server administrator, provides the web area, primary download area, mailing list infrastructure and SVN facility.

Andre Prendel

Development and support. (Co)Author of drivers for Texas Instruments TMP401/411/421/422/423 sensor chips.

Guenter Roeck

Co-maintainer of the hwmon subsystem in Linux 2.6 (since 2.6.36).

There is much more work to do than we are able to achieve. We welcome new contributors!

Past Contributors

Alexander Larsson

Laid down most of the foundation of what this project was made from, and has offered much advice and experience to the project.

Frodo Looijaard

Designed and wrote the core of lm_sensors version 2, as well as several drivers, the library and some user-space programs. Once, he thought the lm78 module would just require a quick hack…

William Morgan

Additional input and feedback. Has also been providing his programming skills to add features like interrupt support and general code organizational improvements. Introduced and maintained the CVS repository in the beginning.

Kyösti Mälkki

A very active contributor. Started the conversion to Linux 2.5.

Simon Vogl

Wrote the new i2c subsystem, thanks to which lm_sensors version 2 was possible.

Gerd Knorr

Designed the i2c structs, which made it possible to use the smbus-is-just-an-i2c-extension approach.

Mark D. Studebaker

Author of some drivers such as the i2c-ali15x3 driver. General code development and design.

Philip Pokorny

Author of the LM85 and ADM1026 drivers. Helped with support and development.

Greg Kroah-Hartman

Pushed the i2c bus drivers and the first hardware monitoring drivers into mainline (during the Linux 2.5 development cycle). Former maintainer of the i2c subsystem (which included hardware monitoring at that time) from Linux 2.5.70 to 2.6.11.

Rudolf Marek

Helped with support and development. Author of several hardware monitoring drivers.

Mark M. Hoffman

Author of several hardware monitoring chip and i2c bus drivers. Helped with support and development. Former maintainer of the hwmon subsystem in Linux 2.6 (from 2.6.23 to 2.6.26).

And many, many other developers who have provided suggestions, testing, patches. Thanks!

Corporate Help

The following companies helped us with assistance and/or donated hardware and other valuable resources:


Donated a graphics card.

Analog Devices

Maker of many high quality I2C hardware monitoring devices. Provided evaluation boards.


Donated a motherboard.

ASUSTeK Computers (ASUS)

Donated two motherboards with CPU and memory for testing and driver development. Help with server systems support.


Donated a complete system.

Barracuda Networks

Donated a motherboard with CPU and memory for driver development.

Cendio Systems

Donated a motherboard.

Edge Design

Web site space and some bandwidth from 1999 to 2006.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Donated a complete system.

Genesys Logic

Formerly makers of hardware health chips.


Donated a complete system.

In-Store Broadcasting Network

Sponsored support for the SMSC LPC47B397-NC sensor chip.


The SMBus hardware and specification people.


Maker of PMBus compliant Digital DC/DC controllers. Provided datasheets, evaluation boards, and technical support.


Maker of several popular Super-I/O chips with integrated hardware monitoring functions. Provided datasheets and other documentation for their chips.

Linear Technology

Maker of various simple I2C devices. Provided datasheets, samples, and some basic assistance.


Provided samples for several chips as well as evaluation boards for MAX8688, MAX16064, MAX34441, and MAX34460, as well as excellent technical support.

National Semiconductor

Maker of the original hardware health monitoring chipsets, the LM78 and LM75, from which this project was started. Provided various chip samples as well as evaluation boards for LM5064 and LM5066.


Donated 2 motherboards with CPUs and memory for driver development.


The I2C hardware and specification people.


Chipset maker, donated a motherboard.


Sponsored support for the LM93 sensor chip.

Texas Instruments

Formerly maker of some hardware health sensors. Provided some great technical assistance, samples, datasheets and even some computer hardware as well as several evaluation boards.


Motherboard maker, contributed configuration files for their hardware.


Provided PDF datasheets for most of their chips. Contributed the w83792d driver. Actively supporting drivers for their chips and contributing bug fixes thereto. Contributed the CPU and memory for a W83792D test system, and the motherboard, CPU and memory for a W83627THF test system.

And other helpful contacts at various companies providing technical insight, documentation, and hardware. Our project can't support chips properly if manufacturers don't help us!

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