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Feedback and Support

As most open source projects we appreciate feedback from our users, and we try to help as time permits. Use one of the following ways to get in contact:

Mailing List

We have a mailing list dedicated to lm_sensors: lm-sensors <at> vger <dot> kernel <dot> org.

This list is intended for both development discussions and user support. You do not need to be subscribed to post. You can subscribe or unsubscribe here. We prefer plain text over HTML mails.

Posts to the mailing list are not yet being archived, but soon should be.

There used to be another mailing list at, this list is archived here.

Please keep the traffic on the list. Just because one person replied to your original inquiry, doesn't mean that this person will have the time and knowledge to help you through the resolution of your problem. Answering to the list gives other readers the opportunity to join the discussion and help. As the list is archived, it is also very valuable to other users searching for a solution to a problem that has already been discussed.


You can meet us on IRC, in channel #linux-sensors on Freenode.

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