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-initial content+===== Motherboard-specific Configurations ===== 
 +Motherboard-specific configuration can be found in the [[https://​​lm-sensors/​lm-sensors/​tree/​master/​configs|configs directory of the lm_sensors repository]]. All configuration files from [[https://​​web/​20150901092438/​http://​​80/​wiki/​Configurations|the old website]] should now be imported, however the old website contains some additional information about the origin of the configuration files. 
 +You can send your configuration file to the [[FeedbackAndSupport|lm-sensors mailing list]]. 
 +Do you have an **ASUS board**? Check out the [[AsusFormulaHacking|ASUS formula hacking page]].\\ 
 +Do you have a **Gigabyte board**? Is the reported temperature too high? Take a look at [[https://​​web/​20150217060331/​http://​​80/​ticket/​2139|this ticket]].\\ 
 +Don't know how to figure out the **voltage labels and scaling factors**? Take a look at [[VoltageLabelsAndScaling|this article]]. 
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